[SOLVED] The Linksys WRT-3200ACM does support the HARDWARE random generator?

Hi community, I've upgraded my home router to the lastest available version (22.03.0 - Divested-Wrt), I want to know if my device has support for a real (hardware) random generator.

I ask this because of reading the wiki's entry for random generator, it's says that if you got a hwrng device at '/dev/', your device has random generator support by hardware, I've followed the instructions showed at the wiki to make use of the hardware device, but it isn't have found, when I make use of the software device (urandom) everything works well.

Do I need compile and/or install a kernel module to be able to make use of the hardware device or does is it as simple as my device doesn't have a hardware random generator device?

Thank you so much for your help and support, regards.

Install rngd - edit the config and enjoy.

That should be all you need. FYI, some kernels display entropy differently, there's more on the forum.

Hi @lleachii, thanks for answer me, I've installed rng-tools and made the process described at the wiki,but without luck, I don't see a config file for rng at my router (/etc and /etc/config), can you point me in the right direction please??


It's located in /etc/config/system

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the advise, I didn't have seen the config section at the system file, I was searching for a file.

The config is correct, but the hardware option doesn't work, I suposse that my router doesn't have a real RNG.

For most devices with a hardware RNG, it will be available at /dev/hwrng

To verify, you should be able to run cat /dev/hwrng to see a stream of random data. You wil have to hit CTRL+C to stop it.


@lleachii now it's more clear for me, thanks to your new advise, indeed, the device doesn't got a hardware rng, for me, the wiki article about rng isn't so clear as it could be, at least for me, when I`ve read the article and its last section about how to configure the rng to use (software or hardware), I've understood that if at /dev/ there is a hwrng device, your router has one, it has been my fault.

Thank you so much to clarify me the situation.

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