[Solved] System dumping status over shell prompt

As one can see at the bottom of the picture, the system is dumping port status over the shell prompt. if i press enter, the prompt shows back up. this can get very annoying when editing files. I am wondering if there is a way to stop this from happening. i am new to all this and i have looked high and low on how one might resolve this.

Ok, after what seems like an excessive amount of back and forth on edits, here's the bottom line as it stands right now:

I don't think you're going to get an answer you like. The serial console is the default system console port. Following Linux, all of the system messages directed to the default/primary console will always go there by design. If you truly need to avoid the messages, you might want to use an ssh connection instead. I will note that you might be able to get some reduction by issuing the command dmesg -n 1. However, some messages (especially critical messages and errors) will still appear.

As pointed out by another user, the OpenWRT documentation shows a system configuration option for handling this sort of thing, but it looks like the option has been marked as non-functional since version 17.x.

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doh! i came across that. guess i didn't realize what was being outputted to the screen was logs. thank you very much.