[Solved] Sudoers.d file for `service`


Basically this:
I ssh to the NAS from my Linux Devuan box.
For the time being with a PW, eventually with a public key.
I can still ssh as root (just in case) but use the user I set up.
Eventually ssh as root will be dropped.

I don't want to use the UI, just the terminal.
Otherwise I'll never polish that aspect of Linux enough to feel comfortable with it.

Once I ssh in, besides seeing the the usual BusyBox v1.33.2 (2022-02-16 20:29:10 UTC) built-in shell (ash) banner, I want to see a quick status report:

rsyncd status
drive temperature
/sda1 and /sda3 use
dmesg | grep extract to see any e2sfck warnings

If everything is as expected, I log out.
If not, I proceed with whatever needs to be done.

Most times it will be fixing the result of a power hickup resulting in a bad shutdown.

See e2fsck warning in dmesg


Yes, but not cobbled.
All necessary packages and instructions are on the OpenWRT site.
It was quite straightforward to set up a user and sudo with /etc/sudoers.d files.

I did not invent anything new. =^ )

Now I have to see about a script that will tie all that together in a neat six line report.

Thanks for your input.