[Solved] Strange issue with luci login

i've a curious problem with Luci login.
briefly: if i open the login interface in my chrome, i can't login (no error, just the login form showing up again and again)
but, if i open in in a private chrome session, it works.
i can see no cookies set, i tried reloading all, but i have no more ideas to fix :slight_smile:
this problem survives firmware updates.
did this ever happen to anyone?

  • Make sure you're not browsing to /cgi-bin/luci/admin/logout
  • Clear cache/relevant history
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strangely, the developer console of chrome kept saying me that no data was stored for the site.
i forced anyway the deletion of all data and.. magic! it started back working!
i can't say i understood what happened, but at least it work..

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I had a similar issue with Firefox not redirecting from the page on a successful login after I upgraded to 21.02.0. I was able to solve this by resetting my profile. The old profile was transferred from an older version of firefox without allowing firefox to clean things up.

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