[SOLVED] Strange characters in config files

Any ideas why these characters are showing up?

Screenshot 2021-08-16 at 00.58.51
Screenshot 2021-08-16 at 01.36.14

If you're connecting via serial console, you might see corruption due to (too-) long serial cables, bad connectivity, etc.

NAND devices are slightly more prone to data corruption (e.g. due to sudden power loss).

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It's odd, it's consistent. Like I exited the SSH session (over WiFi) and reconnected, and the file is still showing those same characters in the same places.

These characters do not show up when I ssh into the router from Windows, but only when I ssh in from OSX.

edit: It seems they're replacing the [ ] characters. I may have found a bug, or, there is something wrong with my terminal settings or font perhaps.

edit: I've isolated the problem to the native Mac terminal app. The problem does not occur in iTerm, which displays the characters correctly. Any ideas appreciated, but for a temporary solution, I will use iTerm when SSHing to router from my Mac.

I’ve never seen this on a Mac ssh via the standard terminal. Check your terminal config settings.

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Check Terminal > Preferences > Profiles > Advanced > Encoding (for your default profile and/or all of them) > International. Make sure it is set to UTF-8. You may also want to check that the terminal is declared as xterm.

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It is related to the character set in use in the terminal program, possibly in combination of your region/locality settings. Using "scandinavian letters" in place of was typical in 1990s with some extended ASCII character sets.

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Hello, encoding is correct. The GUI terminal settings are set to UTF-8 and locale shows en_GB.UTF-8 for all settings. Weird isn't it. Also what's weird? Running irssi and the characters display correctly on screen.

edit: Update: A restart has fixed this. Weird bug. I should have tried a restart earlier but didn't think. I can only think it was related to the latest update, because I hadn't restarted since that update.

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