[SOLVED] Steps to Install mwifiex driver on WRT32X

ESP chip devices won't connect

This is a known issue with this driver. Please see the ongoing bug report here: ESP8266/Embedded devices unable to connect to 2.4Ghz Radio

Solutions that are reported to workaround the issue:

  • Disable WMM on the interface (note: this will also disable 802.11n/ac capability)
  • Setup radio2 with the mwifiex driver, which does not appear to have this problem

Could someone be kind enough to show me how to set up radio2 with mwifiex?

Using: openwrt-18.06.2-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys-wrt32x-squashfs-factory.img

Many many thanks!

No steps should be needed, except the normal radio config in LuCI / uci.

mwifiex driver is installed by default and the radio is detected ok at the first boot (at least on 3200acm, which as identical hardware). Just enable it in the radio config and make sure that it has the same country code as the main radios.

But using this radio2 can create problems for the main radios 0 and 1, so it would be better to avoid that radio2.

radio2 has no antenna and is originally not meant for any actual use (except radar detection or something similar).


Thanks a lot hynman. How can I check if radio2 is using mwifiex?

It is enabled but still my Smart Plug (opened another thread) is not connecting to it (other devices connect fine). It connects fine without encryption, though. I tried every possbile combination and checkbox -- no go.

So I am guessing mwifiex is not working with ESP devices, either.

You were told in another forum to not try using radio2. It's illegal to do so in most Nations.

I didn't come here to get legal advice. I came here with a problem. If you can help, please do. If not, stay out.

You can't configure that radio and expect good performance; it was designed for regulatory compliance, not WiFi clients. There you go.

That was quite rude...I guess that's why you ignored @mk24 in the other thread.

Also, I have not obligation to "stay out" - you do know we're on the Internet, right. Also, it wasn't legal advice.

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Dude, stick to the point. I did not ask your opinion about regulatory compliance or good performance. I have 5GHz off, what regulatory compliance are you talking about?

Besides, that radio is working just fine since a month.

I came here for this:

"Setup radio2 with the mwifiex driver, which does not appear to have this problem"

which is on OpenWRT WRT32X page for ESP problem.

Now if you have a problem with that radio, take it to OpenWRT but stop pushing your opinion down on me and get outta my topic with your irrelevant ramblings.

I apologize that I thought the solution was that you're improperly trying to utilize the regulatory radio - you are the first person who insists AND SAYS that it can and has been used successfully.

Also, your writing style reminds me of another account...

(sticking to the point)

Interesting...can you show a picture of clients connected?

  • I'm lost, if it works, why do you believe that you need the already-installed mwifiex?
  • Perhaps I'm not pushing anything down your throat...since what you're seeking is already installed, and you say it works, I'm trying to understand your inquiry more.
  • Did you try the work around, can you inform us if it fixes "this problem"? This is important.
  • What's problem (can you clarify it)??? (Since you noted the radio works.) EDIT: I see in another thread that it only works as unencrypted AP.

Please describe the issue you're having, as @hnyman already noted:

  • Set SSID
  • Enable

If simply setting the SSID and Enabling doesn't work, the community will need more information to assist you.


Question was:

"Could someone be kind enough to show me how to set up radio2 with mwifiex?"

hnyman confirmed it is set up with mwifiex driver and I don't have to do anything else.

So case closed, topic served its purpose.

My ESP device does not work with mwifiex driver either. If you want to help, move on over to the other topic.

I have been using the third radio on the WRT3200ACM for months, precisely to allow ESP3266 devices to connect to the router. It worked flawlessly, I could not notice any impact on the performance of the other radios. I cannot comment on the legal status of such setup, I am not an expert in that field.


Will do, given Post 1, I thought they were the same issue.

If your problem is solved, feel free to mark the relevant post as the solution. I didn't see this mark and could not predict or guess.


I wonder if you can paste your hostapd config file eduperez.

Please post here, lets not clutter this topic further: WRT32X and Smart Plug Problems


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