[SOLVED] Static Address Wireless Client Will Not Connect To Internet

Setting up a wireless client in OpenWrt to a remote router connected to the internet with a static IP on the wireless client side.

Router RR -- A remote wireless router with an Internet connection, a static IP address block and a DHCP server address block
Router OR -- An OpenWrt wireless client of RR using a WWAN interface

WWAN "DHCP client" Protocol Works Fine
Connecting the OR radio as a wireless client of RR using LuCI in the usual way to create a WWAN interface with the default "DHCP client" protocol default presents no problems pinging lede-project.org via IPv4.

WWAN "Static address" Protocol Fails
However, switching the OR WWAN protocol from "DHCP client" to "Static address" the Internet connection is broken and pinging lede-project.org via IPv4 returns -- ping: bad address 'lede-project.org'

OR WWAN Static address set up
Protocol Static address
IPv4 address (an unused address in the RR static IP address block)
IPv4 netmask
Ipv4 gateway (RR router IP address)

I must be missing something obvious.

'bad address' means that DNS resolution failed. You need to tell the OR where to find a DNS server. Usually it is the main router-- that is set automatically with DHCP.

This is "use custom DNS servers" on the WAN configuration page, or "option dns" in /etc/config/network.

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That's it. I knew I was missing something obvious (and boy do I feel dumb, I should have known this).

Thank you mk24.

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