[SOLVED] SSH works, Webgui cannot be accessed

I can ssh root@ but opening that in the web browser, calls for the password, which the webgui says "Invalid username and/or password! Please try again." I've upgraded to 19xx today. I have ethernet web connectivity. What will fix this?

Did you keep settings when you updated? Try issuing the firstboot and rebooting to reset to defaults.

Do I issue the firstboot before or after resetting the password?

When you reset to defaults, it will also reset the password (to blank)

Command 'firstboot ' reissued. "Yes" to RSA stuff. I can access router via ssh (opkg update runs), but webgui remains a no-show. Asks for a password for username: root and on entering password just now set/reset I cannot launch into webgui.

Did you use a snapshot or a stable release build?

I believe I only ever use the "stable" build. Here is the filename:


this is the one I used.

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Username: root
Password: (blank)

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I'm sorry if I seem slow here, but I am guessing you mean my desktop computer/browser cache and cookies and not the OpenWRT router, yes?

Yes. Browser on your computer.


OK, for some unknowable reason, now it's working. Many thank yous, Mr. Sherman.

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