[Solved] Src-git for packages

Hello there.

After long time I again tried something with OpenWRT/LEDE.
I have installed LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 on TP-Link WR841ND v9 and I wanted to try to install some packages from git repository.
What I found, on OpenWRT the feed line was src-git, but LEDE now have src/gz and src-git or src/git ends with opkg_conf_parse_file error.
Is there any way to download packages from git with LEDE?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Compiled packages are not stored in git. And to my knowledge they were not in old Openwrt repo, either.

They have always been gz archives for opkg downloads from the router.

(But of course, in the build system itself, the feeds lead to sources in git.)

Aah, now I see it. I misunderstood it, the src-git is for feeds of builder, not for the installed firmware itself :smiley:
Sorry for this question :flushed:

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