[Solved] SQM: The 100 mbps limit

ok so i know "will this work for this..." questions are frowned upon. and there are many good faq's\threads out there to answer such questions.

but i just have to ask because its not for me but for somebody else. how much cpu power does it take to run sqm on a 100 meg connection?

im using, and have an extra, r6220. it is a 1004kc (i think) cpu, dual threaded (hyperthreading) and is supposed to run at 880mghz. plenty of flash and 128mb of ram.

but im using it on 25meg connection and it handles it well. maybe 89-95% idle percent but i have an app or 2 running on it as well.

but my friend has 100 meg connection. i will be setting the sqm download limit to 80 meg for sqm purposes.

so will this be enough to handle sqm for this connection? there will be NO other apps running except maybe upnp and luci of course. i think it will be cutting it kinda close but i think it will handle it, no torrents either. and any codel is fine, fcodel, cake, etc. and any quie discipline. im not going to be picky if any of them work.

i know people dont want to answer questions like this. if it were just me i would just buy a used one and flash it and try (which is how i got mine). but hes not a techy guy. ill get one shot with this and then he'll get frustrated and he will just give up.

the router is already flashed and setup. all he has to do is set it up. but will it handle sqm set at 80 meg down?

thank you to anybody that is willing to hazard a guess or give any info. if there is another router that i can find as easily as this one for so cheap then be my guest. or if you know any that have a faster cpu for maybe 70 dollars or less would love to hear it.

if youre not sure but you think you know, then go ahead give me your feedback. i wont hold you responsible or complain. i just want a second opinion

My guess is it should work. But given your constraints and the single shot nature of your chance, I would ai to under-promise and over-deliver. So manage expectations by promising 50 Mbps, and then everything above will be counted in your favor ;).

If you do not use wifi at all on the router, you could save a few cycles by running two independent egress-only sqm instances instead of the "normal" ingress through IFB solution (which typically is required if wifi is in use). I have also potentially a few recomendations to try if you are getting close to your target, but just not close enough.

Tl;dr: I guess this should be achievable!

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thanks so much for responding. he actually ended up buying a router last night in a fit of nerd rage. spent a pretty penny too. but he chose the router without any of my input so i cant be blamed for anything. nice router too. dual core at over 1ghz. i think 1.6 maybe. and it supports openwrt if he should decide to try it.

i guess i will delete this if thats possible. if not, then let everybody be warned that this problem is solved.

thank you moeller0

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