[SOLVED] Sorry everyone, another silly question. DHCP lease times

Hello again, silly question, you'll answer quick enough.

Had loads of trouble with DHCP leases so when I set it up today I gave everything 1 hour leases so I could see things going wrong quicker, but I think I might be at the bottom of that problem now, and it's gone all day without being an issue, with this in mind, what do I change the leases back too? I think openwrt normally gives 12hr leases as standard... Is there a rule to follow?

For private use at home, I would say, it doesn't matter that much.
I would probably set a lease time/duration of 7-10 days or static leases.
For example, if you are running a public WiFi Hotspot, with frequent change of clients, you probably want to set a shorter lease time/duration or else you maybe run out of leases.
Actually this can be calculated with a formula but I can't find it atm :sweat_smile:

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