SOLVED -- (Some lag, having to reflash firmware once a day)

Edited: Just had to turn down my upload speed on SQM QoS and I'm working with snappy internet again. :smiley:

Original post:

I have an R7800. When I first get on for the day to game, and simultaneously livestream my game, I get lag in my game.
The only thing that I’ve tried that fixes it is to reflash the sysupgrade.bin file, then re-doing my SQM QoS (and WiFi if I uncheck “retain settings” before reflashing). This seems to fix it for the rest of the day.
This isn’t really much of an issue, more of a nuisance as I have to restart my livestream when I do this, and thus lose viewers if they are watching.
Also, I know reflashing the firmware every day might not be the best idea. I honestly wouldn’t mind too bad doing it , but someone mentioned that once that it’s bad.
Any reasons this might be happening? Just curious.