(SOLVED) Slow bitrate TL-WR1043ND V3


Has anyone any idea why I get only 72,2Mbit/s bitrate over 2,4Ghz wifi (N, independent of channel or transmiter power on 40Hz or 20Hz)? With OEM firmware I get 150Mbit/s..On my PC I have a usb wifi dongle TL-WN722N, no problem geting 150Mbit/s bitrate with my older TL-WR941ND V2 with Gargoyle 1.9.2 firmware on it..Well, anyhow it seems the DL/bitrate speed are a bit worse on this "newer" router, no idea why :dizzy_face:

(maybe just a noob question/concern)

add: option 'noscan' '1' in /etc/config/wireless via ssh (i hope you know how to do it) and then reboot the router, and will be fine.

Thanks for the answer, i know my way around ssh, but as it seems a 30/30/30 reset did the job, but don't know really why :+1: