[Solved] Set up 802.11r on single router with multiple radios?

I have a question regarding 802.11r FT roaming. I've been reading through these threads

and they seem to discuss FT roaming when handing off between different routers. If I have a single router that has multiple radios, is it possible to set up 802.11r to do hand-offs between radios of the same router? Would it theoretically have the same benefits as FT between radios on different routers?

(P.S.: I have the SSIDs and passwords set to the same values on all radios on the router.)

802.11r, if supported by the client device (very few outside of iOS devices, in my experience), then yes, if they are all in the same mobility domain and properly configured, handoffs should be smoother.

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Great, I'll give it a go, then. And luckily all of the clients are iOS devices, so hopefully they will actually use the FT.

My understanding is with a pre shared key you can just click a box on Luci and enable FT it doesn't require all the other config stuff that is needed for wpa2 Enterprise auth.

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