[Solved] Set default gateway/route when multiple DHCP interfaces

This is probably a newb question, but I'm learning as I go.

I have multiple interfaces using DHCP for their IP config: WAN plus several other subnets via VLANs. The default route/gateway is currently automatically set to the most recently acquired DHCP lease gateway, so when WAN is not the last obtained lease, any of my wifi/LAN devices have no internet access until I restart the WAN interface to override the current default route to the "new" gateway obtained from DHCP.

What is the correct way to specify the default route/gateway to always default to a specific interface, when that interface uses DHCP? Thanks!

Use metrics on the interfaces. The lower the metric the higher the precedence.

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Network->Interfaces->Edit WAN->Advanced Settings-> "Use gateway metric"=0

and then set the metric for all the other DHCP interfaces to unique values...

Sweet, fixed it. Thanks!

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