[Solved] Services lost when updating flash

I'm using the 19.07 branch which has regular updates. I like to ensure that I update at least weekly (just because I can).

Can I confirm that if I update through Luci using the Flash new firmware settings' (with keep settings ticked) will result in any services I have installed (currently OpenVPN, Adblock and Dynamic DNS) will need reinstalling (well at least the Services tab within Luci will have gone).

This happened to me on my first update the other day. But when I re-installed Dynamic DNS it seemed to remember my previous settings.

Dynamic DNS isnt too bad to reinstall and Adblock is disabled at the moment but after all the fun and games of getting my VPN setup working (and now stable) I'm reticent to have to set all that up again

That’s correct. While config files for packages installed after the ROM are generally saved during sysupgrade, the packages need to be installed as well.

If certain config files are not saved (sysupgrade -l) you can edit /etc/sysupgrade.conf


Packages installed after flashing are not preserved over a new image.
Configuration files however are preserved, if they reside in the folders that are kept during flashing.
This is why you need to reinstall the packages, but as soon as you reinstall them they work as before.
You could make your own image including the packages you use, in case you don't want to go through the reinstallation process.
The method I am following is described here.


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