[Solved] Server returned IA_PD status 'Not On Link (This address is not on link)'

@trendy couldn't let go somehow.. I set my ISP router/modem in bridgemode (just for the test) and al works fine.


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I am a Ziggo customer as well and I see exactly the same problem.

At least a while ago, they coudn't give a customer only IPv4 in bridge mode. Do you know whether they are now able to give a customer a public IPv4 address and IPv6 at the same time when they set a modem to bridge mode?


When you let Ziggo put your router in bridge mode (if you’re in de former upc aerial you can do this yourself) you will get dualstack. So ipv4 and ipv6. And in bridge mode the delegation is working too.

It did work with double nat in the past at my end, don’t know why it’s not working anymore.

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