[Solved] Routing between two VLAN

Hi I have set up two VLAN'S on my router as seperate firewaled zones with each having its own DHCP server ( and

I have a server on the adult VLAN and I want this and only this device to be acessable from the kids VLAN , Im not sure how to acomplish this.
I would like any device on the kids network have acces to acces plex and CIFS/SMB on the server.

The IP address of my server is

I'm guessing I just set up a firewall rule to allow ports used by plex to pass through, I have attempted but nothing I tried worked.

Id like to make it so I don't have to setup manual IP settings for each device on the kids network ( like forcing the netmask).

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Do not specify the ports, allow all TCP+UDP traffic to the destination IP.
If you also need ICMP and other protocols, then set protocol to any.

Properly specify the source and destination zones for your custom firewall rule.


I did this by creating an (kids to adult) and (adults to kids) rule specifing any protocol and leaving the ports and IP adresses blank and it worked.

I tried to limit the inbound rule to the adults lan to specify only the address and and I can accesss the router on the other interface but plex will not work.

Edit: I got it to work with a reboot now thanks :slight_smile:

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