(solved) Router supporting 600mb/s uplink and 600mb/s downlink with asus rt-ac57u

I've been reading the forum posts and talking about routers, but I don't see what the bandwidth capacity is.

I have 600mb/s up and down.

buy an archer c6 and stay limited to 300mb/s

Can you indicate me routers, if possible not very expensive that support this bandwidth??????

Thank you

What is your budget?

Do you need SQM or VPN at those rates?

If you don't need VPN and/or SQM at those speeds, then any mt7621 dual core device (not all mt7621 are dualcore!) can do those speeds with hardware NAT enabled.

I found one in China.

But it doesn't appear in the list of routers.

How do you install it, with what image, can you tell me?

Why don't you just select a router that is known to be supported by OpenWrt?

-> 36 devices with MT7621 dual core to chose from

Or most of the mid- and upper-range models. There are plenty of devices that can offload those rates. Those with an MT7621 are probably among the least expensive.

that device should handle 600mbps if you enabled flow offload

It does about ~500mbit with offloading disabled and without wifi so I'd say it's very on the edge solution since throughput will drop quite a bit if you start to utilizing wifi. It does support hardware offloading however there are reports of instability and since you can get ARM(v7 or better) devices "cheap" these days I don't see why you wouldn't go for those instead since they're very likely to be supported for a longer period of time and have overall better performance.

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For me personally, I decided to go with mt7621 because of the most opensource AC wifi drivers available. But I understand this isn't a good reason for everyone, so the ARM devices might be a good alternative.

Having said that, I personally experience no instability with hardware flow offloading enabled on 18.06.4 that has been running without downtime since release.

Yes, it's one of the strenghts of mt76 however it's also the worst performning compared to QCA and Marvell so you might want to take that into account depending on application.

Mediatek itself has switched to ARM (mt7623 := ARMv7 (cortex A7), mt7622 := ARMv8 (cortex A53)) as well (with mt76 support). Just that these devices are still on the rare side (and most of the existing ones aren't too interesting, e.g. one 1-stream wlan onboard and only the option to add a second PCIe card (so 2.4 GHz would suffer with 1-stream wlan only); this is not a SOC-side limitation, just affecting the real iron currently for sale (particularly mt7623)), as long as OEMs prefer the cheap(er) end with mt7621.

I am seeing 400 mbit over 5ghz WiFi and ~180 over 2.4ghz WiFi. Plenty quick for me personally.

Maybe I was wrong.

I thought that a router with mt7621 chipset would be compatible, but in the list I do not see this. It's a Chinese clone.


It's the version without 3G or 4G

I'll have to risk it already sent. 8={

And it's complicated to return things to aliexpress.

With the archer I had problems to load the openwrt image. But in a post it was explained how to load without GUI.

As it is cloned it is not documented, but I understand that the chipset is supported. Do you know how to install a similar device without GUI?

Or maybe I have to rename the image file.

But I got a bit scared when I saw the long list of images


You who have experience, what would you do in my situation?

The router is purchased and arrives the first week of September. If I have to return it is a problem ............ here my precipitation ..... can only be solved with a lot of luck. I think it's 8=}



Thank you all very much for your advice.

I have cancelled the order to the Chinese and I have taken one that this in the list that you have indicated to me.

It is not good to rush, I thought that with the same chipset was enough.

I bought this one: asus RT-AC57U


Hi, is there a list of know router and what speed they could support or should I say at what speed they cap when you have SQM QoS enable.
And or use them as a VPN router.

I been considering the Turris Omnia, Edgerouter 12, Zyxel Armor Z2.


Please open a new topic for your question.