[Solved] Revert back to Unifi firmware

Hi guys, i've been running OpenWRT on my Unifi APs and I want to revert back to stock unifi FW.

I followed this guide for me UPA-LR

[OpenWrt Wiki] Ubiquiti UniFi AP and AP-LR

I booted into TFTP recovery and flashed the stock firmware, flashing went well however when the flashing completed, it was just dead. After a reboot, it would boot back into OpenWRT.

Im guessing this is because the Partition Scheme was editing during the installation of OpenWRT.

Is there a way to revert back?


I don't own this device, but according to the specs and commit it has 8M of flash and a fixed partition map. There is no such thing as a partition table on these devices, so this can't be the cause.

If you are back to OpenWrt, then flashing did not work correctly. This device has only one copy of the firmware, so it can't be a dual-image issue.

I would repeat the recovery procedure as described on the Unifi page: https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043360253

Thanks for the reply!

Yes its all going now, I think I was flashing the wrong Unifi firmware originally as I tried again and straight away I could see the LED flash after the firmware was continuing which to me indicated a successful flash.

Thanks for the help, all sorted.

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There you go.

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