[Solved] Restoring stock firmware TP-Link TL-WR902AC

I am trying to restore stock firmware on my TP-Link TL-WR902AC but nit being able to. The router retrieves the stock firmware using TFTP from my PC but after that, the link lights keep flashing (invalid configuration). I can go back to OpenWRT but not back to stock. If anyone can help, it will be appreciated.

Are you following the instructions mentioned here?

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Unfortunately, mine is V3 and it only looks for and reads tp_recovery.bin file. I renamed the stock firmware and renamed it to tp_recovery.bin and that did not help. Went into all blinking mode.

Then maybe try to rename it to wr902acv3_un_tp_recovery.bin ?

Yes, I tried that to no avail. This model+version only looks for a file named tp_recovery.bin unlike other models.

In case no one else comes up with a better idea, you could ask the vendor for help.

I have posted the same question on their forum as well. Thanks

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The vendor has replied, they are not familiar with 3rd party roms and hence, cannot help.

Solved it with the help of this article:

remove first 257*512 bytes of the stock firmware. Then use OpenWRT firmware upgrade to apply this modified file.

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