[Solved]: Requesting some minor edits for TOH DIR-810/TEW-810

On the commit I submitted for the ramips: TEW-810, I pointedly specified that both 2.4 and 5.0 wireless were functional. The TEW-810 shares the same board as the ramips: DIR-810 and its OpenWrt build also has functional 2.4 and 5.0 wireless. At present, the TOH pages for both devices incorrectly say 5.0 is not supported.

The TechData for the TEW-810 are also incorrect while the DIR-810 says unsupported in the main body with a footnote at the bottom. TechData for the TEW-810 also incorrectly says it has a builtin ADSL+modem

I understand, that I could register and make the corrections myself, but this is one-off effort for me and I would appreciate not having to register my only email address in yet another web server.

Thanks in advance

I will take care of this later today.

When you say


Yes, Thank you

OK, done.



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