(solved) Recommend device to buy in Egypt

Hi, I'm new to routers and these stuff so excuse my dumbness

I think i'm ready to buy a new router and i wanted to buy router that supports OpenWRT and my god the supported router list is really overwhelming and i tried to search but sadly i found nothing that fits my needs so i'm here asking if maybe someone was into my shoes before and have recommendation for me. I want a router (modem) that is kind of cheap, supports 30mb/s speed (wifi is not something i really need so it does not matter if it's low range or not) and i want it to be in Egypt (https://amazon.eg) so i do not pay for customs

Alright updates so far,

  1. If you are like me think it's called router then you are wrong (just like me!) and it's called modem + router
  2. To use openwrt you either need router+modem that is supported but it's not in Egypt (at least for the time being) so you need to buy modem alone and router alone (https://www.amazon.eg/dp/B075PDLQ2Y/ or https://www.amazon.eg/dp/B085FVKSMC/ or https://www.amazon.eg/dp/B07553KQS4/)

cheap is a very vague statement ...


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Yup :sweat_smile:, by cheap i mean something under 500 (EGP)

then I'd probably go for the https://www.amazon.eg/dp/B075PDLQ2Y/ or https://www.amazon.eg/dp/B085FVKSMC/
the Mi is slower, but got larger flash.

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Yup i saw this too before i post for help here (however i did not see https://www.amazon.eg/dp/B085FVKSMC/ :joy:) but i did not settle for it as i want a full router (modem) that i connect from my landline direct to the open world of internet so once again thank you for helping me <3 but i want full router recommendations

modem = ADSL/VDSL ?

There aren't many of those supported by Openwrt, and those which are, you probably won't find on the Egyptian Amazon.

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i'm not sure what it's called again i'm new in the routers world :sweat_smile: but yes i want router that i connect from my landline directly and get internet ports to get internet

oh..darn it

Please be explicit what you're looking for, the keyword 'router' doesn't necessarily include a 'modems' (particularly in the context of OpenWrt supported devices). Likewise there are multiple vastly different 'modem', ranging from analogue (V.92bis), ADSL (which annex?), VDSL, (TV-) cable, cellular (UMTS, LTE, 5g, ...), fibre (well, not really a modem, but ONT or transceiver, depending on your ISP's infrastructure). The selection on OpenWrt supported routers with integrated modems is rather limited and varies locally.

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oh my god a lot of specifics, i'm sorry it just here whenever we talk about that device we call it just router so thats how it got stick into my mind as a router that little device connects to my landline and that's it boom you got internet (i sound like a boomer do not i?)

so all info i got from here is 1) it's not a router, 2) openwrt got limited support on "routers" according to you and @frollic

It's a combined modem-router, still called router, but the term could be misinterpreted (as you've just seen).

  1. It's not only a router, but a combined device.
  2. ... routers of the kind you need, yes.
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indeed :joy:

darn it, thanks for clarifying

but now i got another question, why do i need openwrt now? if i'm still using my cheap chines router for internet? i mean yes i will use second 'router' with openwrt but my modem will still be the same so same problem right? that i'm using unknown router with unknown software

you're asking us ? :wink:

depends on what the problem with your modem-router is :stuck_out_tongue:

if internet privacy is the issue at hand, I don't think the Chinese government should be your biggest concern ...

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Yes because i thought it's whole thing (router and modem) not just router :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem it's closed source software made by Chinese company

You know what you are right (did you see Egypt? let's hope i do not go to jail tonight)


but at least i'm trying to do something even if it's a small fix and won't fix a lot of stuff

so i think my solution is use router beside my CLOSED SOURCE modem or bow down and pay high money for modem+router that supports openwrt, uhh

UPDATE 2: okay i get it now, modem IS NOT A ROUTER thats why i said why i need openwrt so modem is thing and router is a thing, right? when i type i go to my router and not my modem am i right? if that the case then yes i can buy modem and router all split up

do you have one or two devices between your client (computer, tablet, phone, etc ...) or one ?
if you have two, then it's probably a modem, followed by a router.
if it's one, it's a combined device.

if you've got two, you can replace the router, or reflash it with an open source FW, if possible.

if you've got a combined device, you can

  1. ask your provider if the device can be bridged.
  2. still put a 2nd router behind it, but it won't really change anything.

But, you do realize all traffic is encrypted by HTTPS nowadays, right ?
Your ISP, the government, or the chinese, can, at best, see which sites you're
surfing, based on the DNS requests you're making, but not the content of the
data you exchange with them.
The DNS calls can be encrypted too, either on client, or in a router.

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I looked more into it and now i feel more dumb, i keep calling myself tech savvy and simple info about routers i did not know about before...and now i understand it better about whole modem and routers thing (now it makes sense) - about i have router or modem i do have both as one device yes that's why i was confused before. So now i added modem (https://www.amazon.eg/gp/product/B002CAVRV2) and router (https://www.amazon.eg/gp/product/B085FVKSMC) into my shopping cart to get ready to buy it

but now you made me question again :joy: what do you mean by bridging? do i build a traffic bridge and use my little wired car to move over it?

It means the ISP (or you, if it'll let you) will reconfigure it, so it doesn't act as a router anymore,
but only as a media converter (that's the modem part) between the land line based ADSL, and your own router, it becomes "dumb".
It's something you'd like, if doable.


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Oh thanks for the link :slight_smile: and that means i need to keep my old router that i hate? no no i hate it already and i really want to break it with hammer :joy:

My question now about modem itself, is it software or hardware? i mean is it fine to use it while it's closed source? (if it's software based like routers) as now i will buy modem alone and router alone (router i will use openwrt) so my question about modems now

if bridging is done by the ISP, yes you do, but it'll no longer act as a router.

pretty much all electronics contain some kind of code/software, this applies to your ADSL too, doesn't matter if it's an all in one device, or two.

And there is no openwrt port for modems, am i right? or at least modems that already in egypt :sweat_smile:

or just how i overcome the privacy and security about using modem if there any? (like for routers i will use openwrt) - you get what i mean right? :sweat_smile: so yeah or it's fine to use modem as is if you were me

Pretty much, yes. Unless you can find an used one.

I'd use everything as it is, traffic's encrypted anyway, but you could add
an extra layer of security, if you configure DoT or DoH on your clients.

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