[SOLVED] RavPower RP-WD03 - how to share the ethernet connection


I successfully flashed my device and i am happy with the result but i am not able to share the ethernet connection.

I tried creating a bridged interface between the LAN and WLAN interfaces and set it as a dhcp client but then my wifi clients were no longer able to receive a dhcp lease.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanj you.

Do not bridge LAN and WAN. Simply permit forwarding from LAN to WAN. This is done in Firewall settings.

@von-k, I have no experience sharing an Ethernet connection over WiFi using OpenWRT. What procedure were you following? https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/bridgedap describes a setup where the WiFi clients, OpenWRT and Internet router are all on the same subnet. In this case, DHCP request should be handled by the Internet router rather than OpenWRT, to avoid duplicate address assignments. There are more complicated configurations described in https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/clientmode.

Regards, Norbert

Please explain which you are trying to accomplish:

  1. Connect to an upstream AP and provide wired Ethernet
  2. Normal AP - plug into Ethernet and connect clients to WiFi
  3. Connect to an upstream AP and provide WiFi to clients

I am trying to do :

  1. Normal AP - plug into Ethernet and connect clients to WiFi

As I often spend time in hotels and they usually have a wired connection available in the room, I would like to connect my WD03 to the room ethernet connection and have all my devices share my own private wifi.


  • make the Ethernet WAN; and
  • make WiFi as your LAN (you may have to add WiFi to a br-lan to do so)
  • Enable masquerade on WAN
  • Permit forwarding from LAN to WAN
  • Done!

Thank you that worked.

Actually i only needed to perform the first 2 steps.

I would also add that I had to remove eth0 from LAN before i could start using it on the WAN, also I had to make WAN a DHCP client.

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