[Solved] R7000 install from DD-WRT


I am trying to install openwrt on my r7000 but the chk file would not work, gui or nmrpflash. So i ended up downgrading and flashing the ddwrt image. That worked and it is up and running.

How can i flash the openwrt chk file now? it seems that the ddwrt ui only takes bin. and there is no openwrt sysupgrade image for the r7000.

Any suggestions?


  1. Go from DD-WRT back to OEM firmware
  2. From OEM firmware flash OpenWrt

that is what i tried first, that does not work. There is another topic on this forum about the image checksum being invalid or failing. The oem firmware gui refuse the install the chk, i went back to and it still will not accept it.

That's a different topic then.

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As an aside, if you plan to use wifi with the R7000, you might be disappointed with OW on that particular device due to close-source drivers. See the Wiki for the R7000.

Yes I am aware, not really planing to rely on that wifi, i just want it to server router eth and other services.

So i need to create a new topic for the chk file not working in the oem ui then ?

Yes please.

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