[Solved] Q about wpa-enterprise (802.1x)

hi there
i have some Q about wpa-enterprise
when i use freeradius for authentication with wpa-enterprise its ok and work good without any problem but lets see , i need to limit data from user1 to use 1 G pear day i do it with freeradius and work fine with hotspot but when i use it with wpa-enterprise theres nothings happen with limit no any things happen
do u have any idea why is wpa-enterprise work just with authentication and didnt use accounting like other (hotspot,ppp.pppoe)

what does your radius log say?

Presumably this is hostapd. You have to set up RADIUS accounting separately using acct_server, acct_secret, and acct_port. The first two are usually the same as the authorization server and secret.

You probably want to set acct_interval so the RADIUS server gets periodic updates of the GB used. Without acct_interval, hostapd will send only one accounting report when the user connects and one when he disconnects.

In order for the auth / accounting server to be able to tell the AP to kick a user off because he is over the limit, COA must be set up. This isn't directly part of RADIUS.

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Very helpful reply thank you
If I need use authorization with it do u have some suggestion how I do it .

its solved and now work perfectly i change this config in wireless and its work fine

config wifi-iface 'default_radio0'
        option device 'radio0'
        option network 'lan'
        option mode 'ap'
        option ssid 'SKYWAVE_upgrade'
        option encryption 'wpa2'
        option auth_server 'XXX.XXX.25.4'
        option auth_port '1812'
        option auth_secret 'XXXXXXX'
        option acct_server 'XXX.XXX.25.4'
        option acct_port '1813'
        option acct_secret 'XXXXXXXX'

this solved the problem but small things from my test i create user 1m
this users have data limit for 1 mb i connect with this users its connect and work fine but after i get all my limit its stay connected but if i turnoff my wifi and re-connect with same users its cant connect because he use all limit so its expire

NOTE : i use wpad , and this testing work on tplink archer c50 v 4.0

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