[SOLVED] Procedure for going back to OEM firmware for RP-WD03

What is the best procedure for going back to the original OEM firmware once you are on open-wrt?

Did you try reflashing the OEM firmware?

Do you just flash it the same way as the initial openwrt flashing?
i.e. Instead of using openwrt image rename oem firmware to kernel and place on tftp server, etc...


  • Did you log into the OpenWrt web GUI, and attempt to reflash it there?

I would try this after attempting to flash via the OpenWrt web GUI.

I believe the question was about WD03 originally so I will answer about this
The firmware from ravpower might include what we need but it is compressed and organizer in a not easy way,
The firmware file can not be used to flash the wd03 directly.

The easiest way I found is to retrieve the kernel and rootfs while running the original firmware (I know it is too late if you already flash, contact me in this case)

In order to retrieve the original firmware while still running it, is to create shell script on an usb drive and insert in the drive. A specific name of the script needs to be used : EnterRouterMode.sh
Here is the content of this shell script below . Once inserted it will dump the different part of the memory to the usb drive.

now on windows, you can do the following
copy /b mtd4.bin+mtd5.bin+mtd6.bin+mtd7.bin kernel
copy mtd8.bin rootfs

Now you can use those two files to flash your wd03 using the tftp method explain in the wiki
The only difference is that it will use the kernel AND rootfs file (openwrt flashing does not have a rootfs file, everything is the kernel file)

Now, if you flash openwrt before doing a backup of your current firmware, contact me , I might be able to help about this, but for obvious copyright reason, I can not put ravpower firmware available publicly.



dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=$SDCARD/mtd0.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd1 of=$SDCARD/mtd1.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd2 of=$SDCARD/mtd2.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd3 of=$SDCARD/mtd3.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd4 of=$SDCARD/mtd4.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd5 of=$SDCARD/mtd5.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd6 of=$SDCARD/mtd6.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd7 of=$SDCARD/mtd7.bin
dd if=/dev/mtd8 of=$SDCARD/mtd8.bin

Hi. I am a complete noob sorry. Can you tell me step by step how to restore to stock? (im still on stock now but i want to try openwrt thought not exactly sure what it is going to give me?!

If its not for me I want to go back.

With open wrt is it possible to do wifi bridge? DLAN server? Most important is can you clone mac address, this is what i want in original firmware...


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