[Solved] Problems connecting Wiz lightbulbs

Hello. I recently installed OpenWRT and I seem to be having problems getting a couple Wiz lightbulbs connected to the wifi. They worked fine with the stock firmware. The router I have is the WRT3200ACM and the version of OpenWRT is 19.07.6 r11278-8055e38794. I figured I'd ask here are it's unlikely their support will be helpful.

From what I understand, Wiz requires a 2.4GHz network with either B or G channels and WPA2 for security. I have all that set up. I have a few other devices that require 2.4GHz and they connect fine. The SSID and the password are the same as when I was running the stock firmware. The troubleshooting guide says that the bulb gets the credentials of the router via UDP. I'm not sure what they mean by that, but it seems to get stuck at the point where the bulb tries to connect to my wifi. I either get a failed to connect error, or the credentials are incorrect, but they're not, I know I'm putting them in right and it will even show me the password if I tell it to and it's correct.

The pairing process works like this. I have to put the light into pairing mode, in which it creates it's own wifi that I can connect to. Once it's connect to the bulb that way, it passes on the SSID and password for the wifi on the router, and then the build tries to connect to the router. The error I get back from the app is either "could not connect to wifi" or the credentials are invalid, but I know I'm putting them in right.

Just wondering if anyone else has tried connecting Wiz devices to routers using OpenWRT, and if so, what settings were used to allow a successful connection.

Update: Unchecking WMM Mode resolved the issue.

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I don't have the wrt3200, but I've noticed others in the forum reporting problems with that device and iot devices, seems to be pretty common, you might have a look at the link provided here for help.

edit - you might also try this from the same thread


Unchecking WMM seems to have resolved the problem. Thank you for your help!

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Be aware that WMM is an essential part of wireless standards including and above 802.11n, disabling WMM restricts yourself to 54 MBit/s. Yes, it will help with IoT on the buggy mwlwifi drivers/ firmware, but I wouldn't call this a solution.

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While it may not be an ideal solution for everyone, it is good enough for my particular use case. The only other devices I have on 2.4GHz is a printer and an old laptop which I usually run wired anyway. Thanks for making me aware of that though, I appreciate the additional information.

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