[Solved] Problem with client wireless mode

Hi there
I have problem with my client wireless router
I have 2 main ap connect to internet by there ethernet so these ap Is main ap
And i have 3 router c1 c2 c3 these router connect to internet by wd wireless from main ap
They work good but i have problem
Some apple client get access for a few second and after that they connected but no access to internet , I test every things from my Cisco switch to client router and same problem
I change the router with tplink router with original firmware no problem

Note : each main ap and router client work with openwrt custom image with image build
My gateway which these router conncte to it pfsense with captive portal and mikrotik for routing and and traffic management.

Any suggestions

A sketch if you network and some info about the models of your devices could help.

Are you certain they actually get access (i.e. they received data), or does it just look like they do? Did you check if they get IP? If so, did you try pinging an outside IP form them?

Also if the APs are of the same model, have you tried making one of them client to the other and see if the problem will manifest?

Thank u dear
Yes I get access because I open YouTube app and Google website this for a few second maybe 30 - 60 second and stay connected and I can ping to my local network but no internet from other side my phone (android) on same router with same time I get access without any problem and this problem note just for one device it's about 5 - 8 device iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 5s

I remember a similar problem, I solved it by manually putting the DNS in all the APs.

Oh good
Where u put DNS and enable dnsmasq or just add it in network section

I think it's solved as I see from my testing this problem from ipv6 so I disable ipv6 from image build and also disable it in my gateway
It's under testing to this time no problem every thing's work fine .