[Solved] Private WAN to LANs

Hey All,

I’m quite new to openwrt... but quite network savvy.

I’ve got 2x GL150 routers and I’m trying to do the following

Connect the two routers together via the WAN ports on /30 subnet. Then, get the two networks off each of the LAN ports to talk to each other.

I’ve got the WAN side working and can ping one router from the other, but can’t get the LAN side networks to ping each other... LAN sides are both /24 on different subnets from the defaults.

I think it’s something simple or firewall related. This can be as down and dirty as needs be, it’s purely for getting the LANs talking in a lab.

Any helps appreciated

First you need to add static routes for each lan on the opposite router.
Then you need to allow the inbound traffic from wan to the lan, because it is by default denied.



Rtr 1 WAN is /30 - LAN is /24
Rtr 2 WAN is - LAN is /24

Static routes would be. -> or is it the WAN IP

On RT2 static route to via

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That makes sense, thanks. Still not working though.

I’ve checked FW, zones for LAN & WAN all to accept. All traffic rules for accept checked and one for discard unchecked. Moved ping rule to the top.

Done this both sides with no luck

Did you add the static route for via on RT1?

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All sorted, I’d left the static route interface on LAN... as soon as I changed to WAN it dropped in.

Thanks for your assistance :blush::+1:

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