[Solved]. Print to pdf forum posts


Hi any way to print a forum post (I mean the entire post) to pdf ?

tried with diffents tool but no way.

Obviously I prefer pdf to entire webpages.


File->Print on your browser should work, you just need to select print to file (pdf file) instead of physical printer


Sorry bad phrasing. I meant no way of getting a pdf containing all the post's posts. Its a 24 posts post about 24 pages worth of pdf


I am not aware of any "download PDF" function in this forum (based on the Discourse forum software). But if you press Ctrl+P, you will get a page containing the whole thread content which you can "print" into a PDF (as @mbo2o said).


ctrl+P is what I was looking for

thank you

it would be nice to have a button somewhere in the page doing that


Hamburger-menu -> keyboard shortcuts shows all the options


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