[SOLVED] Power Outage - No Wired Connections

Running OpenWRT v19.07.2r10947 on Linksys WRT1900ACS. FiOS gigabit service.

Everything was running fine with static leases both wireless and wired. Some weather rolled through and the power flickered several times before going out for 30-40 minutes. Power is back on, but only wireless devices are connecting. All wired devices are not.

I've reboot the router a few times and the VZ ONT too. Wireless continues to connect without issue. No wired devices can connect.

I reviewed the troubleshooting guide and confirmed the LAN and WAN IPv4's are not conflicting.

Where do I go from here? Everything was working fine before the power outage. Thanks.

You need hardware fix. Power outage probably broked something. Send to warranty if still available after openwrt :expressionless:. Or find someone in forum which understands router or try your local electronic workshop maybe they can fix if it is not too complicated.

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Assuming you can access the router via wifi, I can think of one thing (but see my warning, too)...

It is possible that something went wrong with the configuration. Make a backup and then reset the router to defaults. See if things come back online.

WARNING: If there is actually a hardware issue with the ethernet ports, your router will likely be bricked after you reset to defaults (wifi is disabled by default). Your only recovery method at that point would probably be serial. However, it may be moot if the ethernet ports are dead, since the router would be more or less useless anyway.

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@psherman Thanks. You gave me a thought and I just checked the switch coming off the router. Looks like the switch got smoked, even though I had it plugged into a surge protector. I swapped it out with a spare and all is working again. :+1:t2:

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