[Solved] Potentialy Bricked DM200

After setting up my new (I had only gotten it two days ago, flashed LEDE just yesterday, and finished installing luci today, after returning from work) DM200-EUS, I had decided to disable IPv6, since it still isn't supported by my ISP (or any of the other ISPs in my country), and I still don't have enough time to start using it.

However, while applying the settings, the system had apparently froze, so I turned off the modem (since I am used to OEM firmware, as well as Padavan (on my Xiaomi Mi 3 Router) simply not applying the settings in such a case), and now I cannot connect to my modem at all via Ethernet, not in the regular mode, not in failsafe mode, and not in the bootloader mode.

Does anyone have any idea whether I had bricked my modem, and whether I can unbrick it without a serial cable (I'm sorry for the noob question, this is my first bricked modem/router, I am more used to unbricking Android devices (even hard bricked ones)).

I have managed to repair my DM200, however it was not via TFTP.
I'm not sure whether I had merely misunderstood how to use TFTP (especially since I have no software yet on Solus to run a TFTP server), but in the end I compiled and used nmrpflash to restore it.
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