[Solved] Port Forwarding

Hi there

I am unable to do port forwarding on my Cudy WR2100 router.
The way my network is setup right is:
IPS router -> Cudy WR2100 (OpenWrt)

My goal is to be able to remotely access my OpenWrt router via WANIP.
I already setup the DDNS and this seems to be okay but I am unable to test it as I cannot open any ports.

Thanks for helping!

Then you're kind of f-ed, unless ipv6 can help you.

Yes I did but not sure it is correct.
I opened the port on the ISP router with port 80.
Should I use something else?

Disclaimer: I have no experience in networking. First time trying this out.

Neither do we, if you want help, post a screenshot, and mask any public IP.

Need to open a port in the Openwrt router too, if you're double NATing.

Hey frollic.

Here is the screenshots.

ISP router: https://ibb.co/hKkcrzR

OpenWrt: https://ibb.co/c2Y7Z2v


looking at your OpwnWRT screenshot ...
the error is, that you want to FORWARD 80 to 100.105
but,if i get it right, you want to acces OpenWRT LuCI from Internet?
then, you only need to ACCEPT 80 on WAN, and not to FORWARD


Also check that the WAN IP held by the ISP router is the same one that a whatsmyip site reports. If they are different, the ISP is using NAT between the Internet and you (Carrier Grade NAT) and incoming connections can't work.

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That is correct!
How can I "accpet" instead of forward?

It is the same :slight_smile:
Thank you

network -> firewall -> traffic rules

don't forget to delete forwarding rule


It works! Thanks a lot!!

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