SOLVED!... PC Engine, APU2C4 with LEDE, how to configure VLAN?

Hi... I have a Problem with my APU2C4... I haven't found the Switch Section... how can I configure my VLAN & associate to an Interface?

Replace option ifname eth0 by option ifname eth0.100 etc.

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thanks for your Reply cezary...
add the number after a point in the ifname of an Interface -in /etc/config/network - define the VLAN ID of this Interface...
When I add a new Interface, simply, enter -for example- eth1.200, it means, this Interface will be tagged with ID 200... Voilà... without any number, still this Interface untagged with default VLAN ID 1
LUCI shows that the Interface is associated to a physical Ethernet : Software VLAN eth1.200
no need to install any Package
Thanks again @cezary