[Solved] OPKG - How to list only packages that I have installed?

opkg list-installed is the correct command…what are you trying to accomplish???

opkg list-installed lists busybox and opkg as installed by me. I have not installed opkg using opkg! I remember installing gparted, for example, so I removed it, but there are 125 packages on the result, as I could check with opkg list-installed | grep "." -c.

If you have an image from the LEDE site that needs packages uninstalled to make more space, you will have to create a custom image for your needs. Uninstalling included packages doesn’t free space.

I don't want to remove packages already present on the distro, just the ones I installed after the distro was installed. So, I don't want a smaller LEDE package, but that my LEDE, that already had some packages installed by me, have those packages removed, to free up space on the overlay partition.