[Solved] OpenWrt x64 on Proxmox: No network connection


I'm trying to setup OpenWRT Image on proxmox (KVM virtualization). Everything seems to work out but I've no network connection, can't even ping the gateway. Anybody with an idea?

It's hard to tell with only that info. OpenWrt has configured br-lan correctly, but I don't know where have you connected the eth0 interface in proxmox.

I don't know proxmox, but I know libvirt, and by default it creates a NATed network. Maybe you should connect the VM to a network bridged to your physical LAN?

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@jorti: thanks for your answer! You pointed me in the correct direction. The eth0 interface was bridged but I forgot that this is a test server with a dedicated VLAN and another IP range... correct VLAN and IP and is working!

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