[Solved] OpenWrt + WPA3-SAE + Apple iOS 13.3


Before I start working to hard on this problem.

Is there someone out there that has installed OpenWRT 19.07.0 on a WRT3200ACM, run the usual “deletion procedure” on the wifi driver to make 5GHz to work.
Removed wpad-basic and installed wpad-openssl.
Then configured an AC wifi network with WPA3-SAE cryptation.
Then tried to connect iPad and iPhone with iOS 13.3 which has full WPA3 selection to this router.
Note! I’m not talking about a hybrid WPA2/WPA3 function here.
And manage this to work?

It didn’t work for me, one of three things happened all the time. LuCI stopped answering, the iPad and iPhone say “wrong password” or extremely strange an low speeds showed up in LuCI.

The good news is that everything worked as usual if I made a new network with only WPA2 cryptation.

I have your same router and I am curious: what is the deletion procedure whom you tell about? I can use 5GHz without any particular procedure.
As WPA3, if I understand correctly, there is a bug in Marwell's WiFi driver which prevent the operation with WPA3. However I have used WPA2/WPA3 and in fact I can connect mixed devices, but the performance are poor and there are problems.

It is highly likely that the wifi driver in that device is not capable of WPA3 due to a problem with 802.11w implementation.

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It is a procedure that is required to get the country codes in iwget to line upp.
It is so many strange faults in the AP hardware in this router that it is probably very likely that you and I have two different user experiences.
But the 5GHz on mine didn’t work on Linksys original firmware ether so it is anyway better than before.
But it is never better than Ch100 at 40MHz BW with 400Mbit/s TX/RX.

I am now thinking of buying a real individual AP and mount on the wall and use the WRT3200acm router for what it is really good at. A lot of memory, big CPU, VPN server, adblocker, firewall, switch and router.
I haven’t ever found a real home router that actually can do everything good except the good old WRT54G i once had in my youth.
Best would probably be a 19” wall mounted complete Cisco enterprise system in a separate room with the sign NOC on the door, but not now😂.

It's true. After 5 routers (Linksys x2, TP-Link x2, and one that I can't naming) WRT3200ACM remains the best. But the Wi-Fi is a big problem. In the list of supported devices I can't find any device truly efficient and I am oriented to an AMD x86_64 router completely open in hardware and with great WiFi and support for OpenWrt. They exist lucky.