[Solved] OpenWrt sim card

Hello, I installed OpenWrt in my router D-Link DWR 921 C3 and I dont know how to configure this to work with my SIM card (lte internet)

Generally your modem has to be somehow connected to the SIM. Does the board or modem have a SIM slot?

Yes it have.

Then you may need something like ModemManager to control the modem. There are other options such as qmicli, but in my opinion ModemManager is the easiest because it abstracts things nicely for the purposes of just connecting and using your modem. You can install ModemManager and my LuCI protocol to use it.


Now on normal dwr firmware my router cant connect to the sim card, always connecting and disconnected. And how I can install your protocol without internet on router?

EDIT: Used this tutorial and internet working.

Solved then?


Yes solved

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