[Solved] OpenWRT router as Access Point with an OpenVPN tunnel active

sorry Psherman
another question:
i like to connect to the web port of the phone from outside the world but i think
i have a double nat issue if i port forward two times.
I mean Internet -> port 8080 ext ip ISP router -> forwarded port 8080 IP address of OpenWRT -> forworded to port 80 of the phone.
So i try to connect via OpenVpn to the OpenVpn Server with new client and then point to port 8080 of IP address assigned to the client OpenWRT OpenVPN, here the router could known how to route the traffic or i'm wrong?
If i'm right, how have to do to port redirect in OpenWRT ?

I'll answer myself: it works...
Thanks again...

BYE !!

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