[Solved] OpenWrt on tp link re315

I have a TP Link re315 and would like to install OpenWRT to use the device as a travel router. Does anyone know if I could install the firmware for the re305 on the re315 or is it worth trying? I've searched the forum and can't find any discussion on the 315 and, through web searches, can't find the difference between the 305 and 315. If anyone has any insight, it would be much appreciated.

The vast majority of the time, the answer is no, don't try it. Unless they really are interchangeable devices (i.e. exactly the same hardware design), this may brick your device.

According to Tech Info Depot, the 315 only has 4MB flash, so it will not fit any modern version of OpenWrt anyway. (The 305 has 8MB).

So no, don't even try.

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I see. Thanks for the link and the info! I had this laying around and thought it might be a good candidate for upgrading to openWRT, but I guess not. Thanks again for your help!

You're welcome.

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