[Solved] OpenWrt on MT7621/MT7615N devices with 5GHz problems

Have been running SNAPSHOT r19314-8822a8d850 since it's release and no issues with the 5 GHz so far. :slight_smile:

Made the mistake of testing out the current SNAPSHOT r19421-3aa96efa24 and the 5GHz bug is back/noticeable. :frowning:

Adblock is working again though.

Testing/hoping SNAPSHOT r19426-685ae2687b gets the 5GHz working like SNAPSHOT r19314-8822a8d850.

Can we downgrade snapshot from current release to this one r19314-8822a8d850??

Not aware of the procedure, if there is one.
There is also the matter of how to install LuCi with older snapshots.

Would be nice if procedure is available. Anyone?

Can you please refer the download link of r19314-8822a8d850 snapshot for "D-Link DIR-2660 A1" ?

According to slh

Is it the driver use in that snapshot build and current release same? Maybe if we get that old build snapshot driver who knows if it works!! :thinking:

I think there were more updates/patches since then.

On a side note,
Running SNAPSHOT r19426-685ae2687b on one of the routers for past two days and have not encountered the 5GHz bug so far.

Hoping SNAPSHOT r19421-3aa96efa24 was just a blip.

Thank you for your continued reports @Warlock - I have been lurking in the background and keeping an eye on them. I appreciate your continued testing :slight_smile:

Having tested 21.02.0 on my HomeHub 5A, I purchased a bargain DIR-878 with the aim of replacing it's stock FW with OpenWRT. (Sticking with the HH5A isn't an option as I have a 500mb/s GPON link.) I've not been brave enough to take the plunge just yet but instead have installed the April 12 beta secuity advisement hotfix from the US D-Link website on my DIR-878. A few hours in and It's working OK so far. At the moment, I'm doing double-NAT with the DIR-878 connected to a LAN port of my primary router!

I've done a lot of reading around the MT76 driver and am hoping things have improved of late. Once you've had a few more days stable 5GHz on a snapshot, I think I will follow your lead and have a go.

Presumably, you can use the emergency room method to return to unencrypted stock firwmare if necessary?

You're welcome 74hct04. :slight_smile:
Procedure has not failed me yet.
Unlike Netgear routers with nmrpflash.

Thanks. Very kind of you to confirm that rollback to stock is possible :slight_smile:

I'll be awaiting your next update with interest!

FWIW, I'm running a Netgear R6700 v2 and changing from WPA3 to WPA2 only fixed this for me

Ok I will test this r19426 snapshot on DIR-2660-A1. And will share result.

Got this build OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r19481-a5ac8ad0ba, running from last 2 hours.

2.4Ghz / 5.0Ghz both Wi-Fi working so far.
2.4Ghz speed test : D/U 50Mbps+ both sides
5.0Ghz speed test : D/U 120/87Mbps [Upload speeds drop now earlier its 120Mbps+]

Hi. I have a DIR-882 with openwrt, and thanks to this topic, i discovered that the 5g wifi problems that i have is for openwrt.
I want to know if someone have or can give me a stable snapshot for my device. Many thanks.

Links to current firmware can be found on the device hardware data page -

yes, i know the links of the current versions; i ask for a stable snapshot version that is not possible download from openwrt website, the latest snapshot have various wifi bugs.

As mentioned, snapshots are not archived, so you'll probably either need to go with the stable release, or get the next snapshot (nightly).

Even if you found an "older" snapshot, you would not be able to install additional packages, because they would apply to the "current" snapshot.

even the master still has wifi problems
it only download at 20Mhz max on DFS channels atm
I don't think we have much chance of 7615 getting any better
they are working on 7915 now so not much hope

Been testing the Stable 21.02.3 release with BanIP and irqbalance for the last 2̶0̶ ̶h̶o̶u̶r̶s̶. EDIT: 9 days
Have not encountered the dreaded "Connected, No internet"
Loss of internet on the 5 GHz wireless, as of yet.

Will continue testing.

EDIT: Encountered loss of internet on 5 GHz WiFi after 9 days. Will check again to see if it was a fluke or something else.

Sorry, but I am not sure what you're trying to say here. Are DFS channels stuck at 20MHz, or are you limited to 20Mb/s throughput?

I am hoping to use DFS channel 100 with my DIR-878. Being stuck on the non-DFS channels would be really off-putting.