[Solved] OpenWrt on MT7621/MT7615N devices with 5GHz problems

which drivers are you referencing when you say ‘mtk’ drivers?

i am referencing mt_wifi.

the mt7615 does not have STA support (unlike the mt7915).

the makefile in mt_wifi_sta references embedded/sta, which is never provided.

that’s not to say it cannot be done, but that the existing stuff does not have it.

you are free to prove me wrong (i’d be happy to see this!)

i have a netgear r6260 with mt7603 and mt7615 that station work really good, even in mac repeter mode

i think you are confused, mabie scan for other network does not work.
i'll give you the patch for that.
try to insert manualy the info for wireless sta and you ll see that it will work.

it’s possible they’re using a closed source version of the driver.

i know the dir882 originally supported station mode, and the last firmware still may, but newer versions of MT_WIFI do not seem to support it.

is it possible for you to share a bootlog or anything of your r6260?

i am going to check out the GPL code for the 6260. thanks for telling me bout this.

ah yeah.

GagansMacPro:router Gagan$ tar tf ~/Downloads/R6260v1_R6330v1_R6350v1_R6850v1_V1.1.0.88_1.0.1_GPL.tgz | grep mt_wifi

this i believe. it’s probably running an older version of mt_wifi on kernel 2.6.

this is completely believable and probably the only way to get STA.

you don’t have WPA3, either, right? i’m not saying it’s a big deal, but it shows the age of the driver.

mabie you don't understand that mt_wifi means nothing, it's just a name of a folder, you need the right drivers and the right config and the right patch to make it work in luci.
also you need know that ioctl is needed for this drivers to have it working in sta mode

lol you do't get it

i'll give you another hint, mt7615=mt7622

mt_wifi is the name of the driver. it is not mt76. this is why i use the term.

and there is no patch or config that will allow mt_wifi to work in STA on newer linux kernels PERIOD.

MAYBE there is closed source stuff that can do it, but nothing that is available right now.

i mean no disrespect: but you should look at the type of posts i make before trying to give me lessons.

nothing you stated invalidates my claim. the existing mt_wifi driver(s), versions 4.x.x.x or higher, do not have STA support in the source code.
-the code that does exist is OLD and for OLD kernels like the 2.6.x your 6260 is running, likely with a 3.x driver.

ok? ok

yes not erythink is always done, but look at my drivers.



you’re running MT76! i know MT76 can do station!! i’ve said this many times.

MT76 is not MT_WIFI. they are different drivers!

what 's so hard to understand? i m using mtk wifi and mt7615 work as station. tell me your device,i ll compile a firmware and after that you can say if me or you are wrong

so in reality you are far away to have the best firmware in game.
but how can a person say such a thing

Snapshot releases Mon Nov 14 05:34:34 2022,

Installs without soft-bricking.
Uptime: 6hrs 57min

Will edit if 5 GHz errors encountered.

EDIT: No 5 GHz error messages but WiFi performance was horrendous. Compared to disabling onboard MT7615N WiFI and using an EnGenius EAP1250 AP, web pages took about twice as long or even longer, to load using Moto E4 smartphone. :frowning:


May want to avoid
Current snapshot dated: Mon Nov 21 22:15:49 2022

After successful installation of LuCI
When attempting to enter router,
Resulted in following error message displayed on bold red:
Runtime exception
No Lua runtime installed

And another,

Current snapshot dated: Wed Nov 23 13:56:12 2022

After successful installation of LuCI
When attempting to enter router,
Resulted in following error message displayed on bold red:
Runtime exception
No Lua runtime installed

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Thanks slh but slightly different, I think?

I can't even login.
After typing in to login via Firefox ESR,
Login page does not even display.
Error message described appears instead.

Why are the devices based on this chip still supported?

Snapshot dated: Thu Nov 24 19:50:07 2022

Runtime exception
No Lua runtime installed

Error message now gone.
LuCI accessible again. :slight_smile:

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