[Solved] OpenWrt as a x86 kvm guest

I'm currently running lede 17.01.4 as a kvm guest.

I have the combined-ext4.img file configured as a 'raw' 'disk' virsh.

This has been working fine for some time.

The one problem I have now that I've decided it time to upgrade is the the online upgrade doesn't work.

Is there a way in which to configure the kvm guest such that the online upgrade will work (i.e. if I were to start again with a fresh configuration)?

Only using the squashfs version.

Are there any practical downsides/differences other than this between the ext4 and squashfs images under kvm (running as a guest on a reasonably beefy host)?

Not really, other than the one you found:

  • EXT4 you cannot sysupgrade (but it's easier to resize partitions)
  • Squashfs, you can sysupgrade (but partitioning that space is difficult)

See: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/storage/filesystems-and-partitions#filesystems

Thanks, will try switching over to the squashfs version and have a play around.

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