[solved] OpenVPN, tcp 443, Webserver


I had running a nginx webserver on Now Lede is doing a port forward of wan:80 and wan:443 to this IP. nginx on returns 443 on accesing the port 80. So the webserver is handling 443 ssl. I do have 4 redirect running in nginx. So by the destination host name I redirect the trafic like 192.168.1.x.

This is working without any problem. All host address are getting to the right destination.

No I setup OpenVPN on port tcp 443. I added the option "port-share 443" in the /etc/init.d/openvpn file. And I disabled the port forward of 443 in the firewall.

Now I can access OpenVPN on tcp 443 but not all nginx redirections. It looks like the option "port-share" is forwarding the request by the source IP and not the original host name. So nginx does redirect everytime to the same website - also with different host names.

How to fix this?

have you rebooted every system after the changes? there might be caching involved

You are basically asking OpenVPN to do source-NAT on the redirection, and I am not sure it can do that...

I just tried again with my setup and it is working fine!
I added the line like here to /etc/init.d/openvpn:

And removed the port forward of 443 in the firewall.
Everything working as expected.

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