[solved] Openconnect vpn with slave wifi

I have 2 routers, first is non-openwrt dirty router, second is openwrt. I need to connect to first router from second, have some wi-fi from second and passthrough all traffic via openconnect vpn. So, I have success with connection to my router 1 wi-fi, have success with connection to vpn, but I do not understand how to connect my router 2 wi-fi with vpn interface. With ssh connection to router 2 I have success ping -I vpn-vpn google.com and have no success with plain ping google.com. Do not get how to connect my local wi-fi with vpn interface.

Hope this help:

When I ssh to openwrt router I can ping google.com via vpn (I can verify it by latency time), but when I use wifi I'm offline.








So, vpn works fine, but I don't know how to passthrough traffic from wifi network to vpn interface.

Okay, I have successfully resolve this issue by moving vpn interface to wan zone.

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