Solved: nordvpn OpenWrt wireguard client

Dear AgentJeffy,
The truth is that the GL-AR750S comes with the WireGuard interface already set up along with kmod - wireguard tools and all of that good stuff( under the hood somewhere ). GL-AR750S will also handle the firewall rules and routes once you create configure and add your Wireguard Profile. I have Torguard and NordVpn running Wireguard on this router. You can switch to and fro between services with just a few clicks. You can enter your profile manually or copy and paste the configuration you have into the first box that pops up after you enter your profile name. Use the tab for WireGuard Client - if you are using a commercial VPN provider for WireGuard. The best guide is this one - - Once again I can not overemphasize that the tutorial above will screw up your router.
Reset and reflash your GL-AR750S -Here is listed the firmware - and links to download the firmware: Just use the Built In WireGuard Section though the default GL.iNet Web Gui ( aka the Admin Panel ) and please forget the tutorial I wrote for NORDVPN in my OP - this advice is designed for you and your situation. By the way, WIREGUARD runs great on this little router Remember to use the tar file and flash though the default GL.iNet Web Gui ( aka the Admin Panel )
The main guide and information which I wrote above does not work on the GL-AR750S ; at least not if you are using the GL.iNet OEM FirmWare - which I am currently running - so I just used the pre-installed WIREGUARD app ( for lack of a better term ) that comes bundled with GL.iNet OEM FirmWare. This is how I achieved SUCCESS!


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