[Solved] No valid ip on physical nic

I have a router running over kvm, it has 4 physical nics in passthrough and 2 addtiional virtual nics.
the layout is as follows:

  1. the O/B nic is the wan.
  2. 3 pci slot nics are part of the lan.
  3. both virtual nics are part of the lan too.

one of the virtual nics is a connection to the host and the other one is connected to a libvirt virtual switch (no ip is configured).
when I add the last virt nic (the one connected to the virt switch, I'm unable to get a valid ip on a specific physical ip, I see lights when on both the server nic and client nic (blinking green), I get 169.254.x.x

the openwrt is a locally compiled one with musl and -O2 support enabled. of version 18.06.1
how can I debug this on openwrt? I want to be sure this isn't an openwrt before I try the libvirt ml



If you're referring to LAN, you need to bridge all interfaces together.

OpenWrt assigns the IP to br-lan, not the PHYs.

you are right!
for some reason, one eth was exluded from the br,, not sure why, the minute I've added it, the client got valid ip!


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