[SOLVED]No sysupgrade.bin or factory.bin file after make

when im running make -j 4 after menuconfig, its not creating a sysupgrade.bin or factory.bin file, what am i doing wrong?

If you get kernel and rootfs files in the /bin directory, but not a sysupgrade.bin, it usually means that the final image is too large for the flash chip. Remove some packages.

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alright thats what i did already, im trying to build another one thanks. just making sure thats my problem.

Yes, this is probably it. Happens to me frequently. Is there a way to tell how big the packages are in menuconfig? I use many routers with 4MB flash and I usually need more than one retry and recompiling takes at least 5 mintues, which sucks.

You can look up package sizes in the package table: https://openwrt.org/packages/table/start

To be taken also in account: sizes of the dependencies.

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Thanks, that's useful bookmark :wink: