(SOLVED)No LuCi after port forward(SOLVED)

I made an error in port forwarding is my only guess, when i tried to open a port on a vpn server on my network.
The ip of the main router is
And the ip of the vpn was
I went to the web interface on my browser and went to the port forwarding section and selected the proper ports and ip, shortly after i did that i lost connection to the web console and I'm not sure why. Is there a way to find and change the firewall rules in the terminal?

Normally there is a rollback if you change something in the Luci and you lose connectivity.
Anyway, login by SSH and issue the following command:
uci show firewall
Then paste the output here in preformatted text. (the </> button)

Ssh is disabled, i have used it before and probably shouldve turned it on in the web interface before it broke, but i am connected with a vga monitor. How do i enable it with no systemd?

Here is a photo of the output
The last one is the rules that broke it.
Firewall.@redirect0 and firewall.@redirect1

Should i just do uci del on those lines or something?

Remove the last rule and it should fix the main problem you're experiencing.

What is the actual port (or ports) that you need to forward and from where? The rule itself is certainly malformed.

Also, moving forward, use text rather than screenshot or a picture of your screen (if it all possible). If you must post images, please do so directly into the forum (click the little upload button in the menubar), rather than using a 3rd party image repository site.

Oh i didnt see that there, thank you. The actual port i want to forward is 64647 from to wan. I was having trouble connecting to the vpn with it port forwarded normally, i dont know that i was expecting. I figured that because id be using the vpn to access serviced on the local network that id port forward lan port 64647 on to all lan ports. Im probably not the brightest, but i wanted to see if it would work at all. i didn't think it would break luci

This is not necessary if it is outbound (i.e. a device on the lan is connecting to another device on the wan/intenet somewhere). A port forward is only applicable to inbound connections (i.e. a host from the wan/internet initiates a connection to a host on your lan such as a server).

Are you running a VPN server on your network, or are you operating as a client where the server somewhere else (such as a commercial VPN service, connection to work, or a road-warrior type config)?

In my case a device on the wan or internet connects to a vpn at home to see the network devices, shares, and services, but id like to be able to connect to it to access the internet too as if i was browsing from home.
So I do need the rule for the incoming to the VPN from wan to lan, so I left the firewall.redirect[0] and got rid of the last one i did. Theres still no internet on my home network and no access to luci through the browser.

I can ping to and get repsonses. And my dns server had been running fine on the router itself, using adblockhome. Any ideas?

Nevermind, luci works now! I appreciate your help, both of you!

uci delete firewall.@redirect[1]
Got rid of the last rule made
uci commit
Saved the changes

Thank you both!

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